The Research Federation devoted to the Development Aid (FED 4264) of the UPVD and the IRD is focused to the contribution to the development of emerging countries. It is devoted to the structuration of numerous initiatives currently operated by members of more than half of the UPVD laboratories.

The objectives are to offer to all researchers, professors and students a dynamic and flexible structure based on complementary project teams and also to the access to local facilities relevant for practical achievements.

This Federation will offer a high visibility to this activity helping for funding by public (ANR, European,..) or private (Industrial members of the UPVD Fondation,...) partners.

This Federation is clearly a research structure at the university scale contributing by nature to the whole international impact with a particular focus on the major research priorities defined recently in the National Research Strategy.

Research units involved:

  • ART-DEV: Actors, Resources, Territories in Development, UMR 5281 CNRS-UPVD-UPVM-CIRAD-UM
  • IRD-ENTROPIE: Biocomplexity of Coral Reefs Ecosystems in the Indo-Pacific
  • PROMES : Processes, Materials and Solar Energy, UPR CNRS 8521
  • LGDP: Plant Genome and Development Laboratory, UMR 5096 UPVD-CNRS
  • IHPE : Hosts Pathogens Environment, Interactions, UMR 5244 UPVD-CNRS-IFREMER-UM
  • CRIOBE: Centre of Island Research and Environmental Observatory, USR 3278 UPVD-CNRS-EPHE
  • LAMPS: Laboratory of Mathematics and Physics, EA UPVD 4217
  • IMAGES-ESPACE DEV: Modelling and Analysis in Geo-Environment, project team of the UMR 228 IRD-UM-UAG-UR
  • CDED: Centre for Economic Law and Development, EA UPVD 4216
  • CRESEM: Centre for Research into Societies and Environments in the Mediterranean and beyond, EA UPVD


Director : Xavier Py