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GE&NE: Global Education & Networking Exchange

At the beginning of this initiative was a simple thought: "What can I do with the Knowledge and Education I have received?" . Education and Knowledge should be shared and spread; Education is a basic Human Right.

GE&NE Africa is a non-profit, non-political organization whose remit is to promote 3rd level education in African countries. African students have the right to receive the same high standard of education as their peers in other countries so that they will become more self-sufficient and be in a better position to solve the problems afflicting their home lands. GE&NE Africa will act as a facilitator ; providing African Universities the possibility of having the best international scientists come and teach 3rd level courses in their domain of expertise. Not only cutting edge technology and basic knowledge will be taught but this will create opportunities for collaborations and networking between African and occidental Universities.

GE&NE Africa which is hosted by FAID at the University of Perpignan is available to public and private universities from any African country with a restriction to those which bar women from education.

GE&NE is currently recruiting volunteer experts either from Academic or private sector from any field of Science (Life science, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computing). If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at:

For futher details: see please our website.

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Date of update March 7, 2016