Research programmes

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  • ADACNI ANR programme (Adaptive processes in cnidarians: integrative study of the response to thermal stress and climate change, from genes to populations). Genomics of coral reefs and studies into how they adapt to climate change.

  • DRyRSP ANR programme (Dry cooling and water producing system for Rankine cycle driven thermodynamic solar power processes). Thermodynamic solar power plants consume 4 m3/MWh of water in order to cool their cycle. In arid environments, this leads to a conflict in the way in which this resource – which is more important than electricity – is used. Alternative dry cooling solutions need to be developed which are just as effective.

  • European NANOWAT programme (2012-2015, ENPI-CBC-MED programme). Improving catalytic processes (solar photocatalysis).
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Date of update March 29, 2016